September 12th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Dusk of the Year

The poem “Dusk of Year” has at least two underlying themes. The first is the challenge of continuing a year of poetry until the end. The low hanging fruit has been picked and everyday is an adventure in inspiration. The second theme is one of aging. What to do now? What does life have to offer?

Dusk of the Year
Poem for Day 254 – 20150912

On the dusk of year,
wheel turned to last thirds,
the path now long traveled,
and the arms must reach high.
The harvest continues,
pursued by the one
who sets the shared table
with stanzas of words.

Past treats of life's trials,
tasted by all at the sup,
demands more of the same,
yet more richer than last.
Back to the orchard
visited often enough
for another day's meal
of ink for you spilled.

Scan the low branches,
with nothing but leaves,
the fruit has been taken
by days of past lore.
Climb the mid branches,
visited often enough,
some fruit may be found
as the soul searches on.

In highest branch arbors
not climbed yet this year
are the soul's hidden fruits,
richest yield of the quest,
Now set the long table
on the dust of the year,
the ink will be spilled
as my soul is poured forth.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.