September 14th, 2015

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Poem - Looking for True Love

A FB friend posted a short expression of true love. I wondered if there was more. My love expert shared her thoughts on the topic. I next took my question to my lovely spouse. She shared the wisdom of a lifetime. The culmination of these, with poetic license that only I can take credit for, is the poem “Looking for True Love”.

Looking for True Love
Poem for Day 256 – 20150914

Looking for the true love,
the stuff of legends made
but seldom found they say.
So many paths of illusion,
some of our making within,
the others of society's shell game.

Look not to the romantic,
soul partners of ego's lure,
these are the fool's destiny.
Turn from the path of sin,
meaning separation from unity,
desertion from our fellow man.

Ask what could have been given
by others to save your immortal soul,
consider where you could do the same.
Turn to the trenches within,
walk where the heart may bleed,
drops of red where roses could be.

Show true love to the outsiders,
strangely different by circumstance,
nationality or disease's consequence.
Show true love to the unresponsive,
immobile by age's cruel hand or accident,
unable to return the thing they most need.

Most of all and by far most hard,
show true love to the ones rebelling,
able to only return syllables of hate.
The truest love, most compassionate,
painful in its desire to heal the separate,
is shown to those unable to reciprocate.

Looking for the true love,
external mirroring of our sentiments,
will satisfy the dreams of romantics.
Truer love is much more than this,
of virtues found in self, spirit, and God,
extended to the fallen ones.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.