September 17th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Beyond the Beat

Learning dance is a journey. First you learn the footwork and how to move in sync with the basic beat of the music. More complicated moves come next, with attention focused on getting them (mostly) correct. Then the magic starts. Dancing is done to the texture of a song. The structure of the music dictates the moves and the speed of the moves. A dancing position may be held for a time and then another assumed at the beckoning of the music. The poem “Beyond the Beat” is an imperfect poetic expression of this magic.

Beyond the Beat
Poem for Day 259 – 20150917

More complex than a simple beat
invisible to the naked eye
this realm through which I dance.
Patterns felt on music's wings,
the lilting tune of muse's weave
laid out for two to join tonight.

Conductor of my measured steps,
baton raised on song's next phrase
while I sweep you into a close embrace.
The move is not to titillate,
only to await for the next note
asking us to then carry on.

We'll not worry about fancy stuff,
it is enough to hold this space
sacred to the artist's inner dream.
Let's not distract with outward glam,
we are focused on shared intent,
creating same bliss in both our hearts.

Slow or fast may be the step,
the pace is set by coaxing notes,
only felt by us and seen by all.
We'll show the world the hidden way,
mixing the song with our prance
as we move as one beyond the beat.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.