September 20th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Alone

One of my themes in my 100 poetry theme challenge is starvation. The poem “Alone” considers the dynamics of why people are starving for each other.

Poem for Day 262 – 20150920

Have I fasted for too long,
was there a purpose to denial?
The chalice was passed to me
and I was asked to comply
with the mad god's nightmares
of being alone in this world.

I have a healthy appetite,
survival and not addiction,
so why should I live on crumbs?
The grumbling you hear is below,
a void begging to be filled,
separated from the world's buffet.

Water water everywhere
and not a drop found in my bed.
The ocean outside my window,
seen on in the streets and TV,
knowing how to dip the cup,
to find mine is filled with holes.

The stars must not be aligned
a retrograde cosmic twist,
above the path I persist.
I'm fated to walk alone by design,
foretold by the divine inside joke,
with my life as the punchline.

Check the sprockets for alignment,
with the others in proximity.
Why are there no gears engaging
between our mutual machinery?
Perhaps I am alien technology,
incompatible with a terrestrial world.

Does my happiness depend on this?
Am I a sum of my present parts,
not misused by the absent life?
The mad god asks for his sacrifice,
I am the sacrificial lamb who must comply
by being alone in this world.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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