September 24th, 2015

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Poem - Children of Stardust

One of the themes in my 100 theme challenge is “Cat”. The timing of tackling this corresponded with learning about Bill Nye's comments regarding our being the stuff of exploding stars. The end result is the poem “Children of Stardust”.

Children of Stardust
Poem for Day 266 – 20150924

My cats are made of stardust,
destination of exploding suns.
Ambassadors of the big bang,
children of God's space soup,
A place to be, stellar debris,
felines of the macrocosm,
I'd have no other truth be told,
companions on the blue marble.

Show me how to best relate,
with all colors living as one.
Black and white, tan and brown,
each an equal in its own right.
There are queens in the mix,
still yet equals in God's face
with different furs on each,
and no need to put on more

Consider odds that would bring
astronomical creations
of the long past big bang
as residents now in my lap.
I love these furry aliens,
my lovely children of stardust.
Teach me the similar in this place,
traced back to our starry origins.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.