September 25th, 2015

Sinfest - Evil is Kewl

Poem - The Pretender

Mike Huckabee suggested President Barak Obama "pretends to be a Christian". The article on the CNN website inspired me to write the poem “The Pretender”. Directed at a despised leader, the poem is spoken by a person like the aforementioned Huckabee.

The Pretender
Poem for Day 267 – 20150925

See the pretender,
the one we've sworn to fight,
the one who attacks his own kind,
with sleights defined by our side

Purity is as purity sees,
tow a standard even we cannot meet
or you'll be branded for all time
as betrayer to the almighty faith.

Best separate the chaff from the wheat,
no tent is allowed on your behalf,
no mixing the unequally yoked
in order to meet our litmus test.

We'll cherry pick the past events,
said hallmarks of a life ill spent,
see them as the harbingers
of your future evilness.

We'll admit that you lead a nation,
diversity that gives us hives,
but this matters little at this time
when we all strive to have your job.

A final warning before the fall,
trap door opening for the lynching,
words given with all due respect,
in our case none as you expect.

Dare to govern the masses,
ignoring our ilk in the fringes,
and you'll be marked as
the great and mighty pretender.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.