October 9th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Love's Journey

The poem “Love's Journey” is my attempt to share how I view the wide and humbling aspects of love. The aspects of love cannot be put into boxes constructed by religious tomes or restricted by society's most average levels of comfort. Finding love and expressing it can take a person to places both on and off the conventional maps. If only we could all be brave enough to find our way to the happy endings.

Love's Journey
Poem for Day 281 – 20151009

I. Love's Quest

Seeking love's gentle comfort,
so rare a thing amongst the many.
The soul is refreshed by acceptance
of personal proclivities within.

Others wonder at the wide range,
their eyes blind by a narrow reference
of life bent sung to a different song
by choice personal or band leader.

I'll seek my joys with others in my way,
follow my heart to perhaps other lands.
I'll seek my loves in the people resident
where my friends and family cannot follow.

II. Love's Companions

If I find this with gender different,
gender same, or gender fluid,
the thing I seek is the same,
a place to find my peace, rest my head.

The color of skin matters little
when journey's quest is much deeper.
The spark of spirit, lilt of laughter,
crossing shades of dermal difference.

The interests vary mundane and spiritual,
fetishes bizarre and religion varied,
my loves embrace the shared rituals
of a life most uniquely shaped.

III. Love's Expression

My expression of love can vary much,
by pan and demi, mono and poly.
I'll pursue the one or more meant to be
with others who share my propensities.

Love's attraction has different ends,
some are physical, somatic tensile,
seeking resolution in another one
of body shared in base relief.

Others arrive with emotions strong,
but physical relating held at bay,
the need to bond in the corporal
of little substance in our love.

IV. Love's End

In the end I hope to find what I seek
in rare few of those met along the way.
I am a unique creation by nature's hand,
radiant in soul and corrupted in man.

I'll acknowledge that I've met a few,
those who have spent some time with me,
shared more than most by their choice,
and to them I am forever indebted.

I count myself to be a fortunate one
to find the treasures in the dross of men.
Love's gentle comfort found in the hard and soft
of lives shared amongst those most cherished.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.