October 31st, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Companions in Life

There are people that I see often. Something about them impresses me, and yet I remain distant from them. I suspect people are this way about me. We can't know everyone directly, but we can honor their place in our lives.

Companions in Life
Poem for Day 303 – 20151031

There is some twist of fate,
God's loaded dice in play,
that has us meeting once again
across the turns of the wheel.
Could you be braver than the rest,
more prone to be up front?
I wonder if this is the case
as once again we are face to face.

Acknowledgments made
across the span of others
more important in the moment
but less seen in time's whole.
I don't know if we are friends,
if this moniker would suffice,
we are not as close as this,
but yet there you are in my life.

Your sense of humor does defy
the norms of my close associates.
They may not understand the kitsch,
this matters not as I laugh in response.
I admire you for what you do,
the way you embrace your life,
an example to how I could live
by a person more bold than I.

Whatever the fated frequency,
our encounters sustain me in part,
a connection to worlds removed,
across the space of shared revelry.
I'll gladly play God's game
to see where this will lead.
Mostly strangers, nodding greets,
companions in a thing called life.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.