November 7th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Bring Back Yesterday

I watched some horror movies that featured the protagonists bending the laws of nature, life, and death, to their own desires. The outcomes were not pretty. A classic example of this would be the movie Pet Cemetery. The poem “Bring Back Yesterday” is both about these movies, and the overall challenges faced by those who seek to undue yesterdays.

Bring Back Yesterday
Poem for Day 310 – 20151107

If we could bring back yesterday,
twist the outcome another way,
it would devour what has become,
substitute with a monstrous one.
The leaves have fallen in the wind,
no longer high in the tree.
To think they could ascend once again
feeds life's despair in the darkest way.

We had our time out in the sun,
rain a companion to the beams.
The outcome was a rare rainbow,
witness to the polarities.
To have it another way,
sun and rain not to mix again,
would bake our souls in the light
or drown our hearts in flood.

Co-creators of the outcome,
It took more than one to see this through,
less this number will carry on
if you selfishly have your way.
Change the ending at peril of both,
shift things will if you persist.
Perhaps the outcome will differ,
you or them may not survive.

Perhaps God has a master plan,
scripted to produce the due result.
The Devil would like you to reveal
the alternatives best now to conceal.
Take heed of Pet Cemetery,
parable of things not left dead.
Life could come of selfish dreams,
but know the outcome will have you scream.

Our choices have brought us here,
ours and theirs with no bias.
The mix is divine life's brew,
natural outcome to lives infused.
The dead things should stay that way,
painful past to remain the same.
To do otherwise is to play God,
out of which nothing good can come.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.