November 17th, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Why I Smile

A friend referred to me as a melancholy soul. I don't deny this. The poem “Why I Smile” is an examination of the times I do freely smile.

Why I Smile
Poem for Day 320 – 20151117

You ask me if I smile,
could I share some cheer?
I reply that I do comply
with their wish at odd times.

I smile at shared humility,
the surprised spark of humanity.
The space between assurity
is when life is the most personal.

I smile in recognition of pain,
the reminder that I'm still alive.
Gentle nudgings of mortality,
evanescence of the outward coil.

I smile to congratulate myself
for another day on this earth
when to do otherwise
would seem to be another course.

I smile when I am witness
to beauty beyond this realm.
Heaven's gates opened wide
with the Morning Star's sly boon.

All these times share a trait,
that I am surprised at the turn of lips,
the formation of that thing elusive
perhaps not what you asked to be.

Do not discourage patient one,
your quest is enough for me to smile.
Attention paid to this human one
is enough to touch down deep my soul.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Shaman - Horse

Poem - Twin Souls

A dialogue with an online friend prompted me to write “Twin Souls”, an examination of those who mirror our beings.

Twin Souls
Bonus Poem for Day 320 – 20151117

Twin souls out of sight,
but never out of mind.
Welcome stalker of my thoughts,
applying balm of life affirmed.

Different hues manifested,
from the same light high above.
The source of all is relevant,
shining through our lives.

Shadow puppets entertain,
cast of thousands in multiplex,
yet the same is felt within,
projection of the higher self.

To see one is to see the other,
paternal twins of same cell.
Outward there is difference,
yet the source is the same again.

Our worlds echo the heavenly,
the sun and moon in the sky,
and like these stellar orbs
our brilliance shines in another’s face.

God's essence revealed
in the twin soul of another one.
Tracings in the sand remain,
made the footsteps beside of mine.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.