December 22nd, 2015

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Companion of Yule

The poem “Companion of Yule” is about the place that the evergreen trees, and their decorations, have in the hearts of celebrants at this time of year.

Companion of Yule
Poem for Day 355 – 20151222

Welcome companion of Yule,
evergreen stalwart of trees,
we'll deck you bottom to top
in defiance of the dark.
The days have grown so short
with twilight now the rule.
Make festive the central place
for our wishes this time of year.

To each decoration a purpose given,
true magic is near at hand.
Transformation of symbols hung
for the presence of Moon and Horn.
Bid the children to present
the requests for assistance.
The adults will ask their boons
to be visited in hours late.

Fruits for harvest, coins for wealth,
love charms for happiness
issue a challenge to fertile nuts.
All of these await the next.
Bells will call the faery folk,
spirits to aid in the dim hours,
while candles do encourage
the return of the Oak's sun.

Gifts are given to confirm
the blessings by green fir.
Nature will have its place
in the circles of solstice time.
Welcome companion of Yule,
you are the door to sunshine.
The dark will no longer hold
as we sing around the tree.

© 2015, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.