January 5th, 2016

Professor Chaos - Angry

Poem - Nowhere is Perfect

The poem “Nowhere is Perfect” is a statement about the fear cultivated by political campaigns.

Nowhere is Perfect

Nowhere is perfect.
Suffering blankets
people everywhere.
please don't despair.
Life can be changed,
that's what they say.

Lemonade is made
from the sour fruit
of life's sad events.
Blessed Candidates
have the holy balm
produced from the tears.

Leverage the pain,
power is the aim
in politics name.
A laudable goal,
when fear is a tool
to welded by fools.

Fire up the righteous,
put flame to the houses
where evil does live.
The lesser will lose
when stakes are so high
for ones on God's right.

Nowhere is perfect.
To curry favor
is the only race
built on this shame.
The hell that remains
is the one we made.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160105.