February 9th, 2016

Sinfest - Bondage Ranger

Poem - Messed Up

There may be perfectly angelic people in the world, those without one twisted little preference. Then there are... the rest of us. The poem “Messed Up” is about acknowledging and owning the little twists that each person has, those things that make life grand.

Messed Up

When passions stretch beyond the norm,
convention shorned for moment's sake.
Pleasure becomes the only choice
when dark desires shelter close.

Perversion is too strong a word,
though too close in retrospect.
Dare not state this to a world
that may feel the same, admitting not.

Devils urge while angels blush,
and still the outcome is rehearsed.
Acted out with pure pleasure bliss,
hidden well from public view.

Same felt souls will admit
in secret congress of fellow men
that life concealed is for the best
when others judge with no reference.

Besides the joy grasped on the edge,
there is another reason here
to look directly into the sun
of life's bright lusts of inner self.

To know yourself is the charge,
warts and all, desires bizarre.
Self-forgiveness is the start
to knowing others are messed up.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160209.