March 30th, 2016

Professor Chaos - Angry

Poem - Rational Chains

I came across an article titled “3 Reason’s It’s Irrational to Demand ‘Rationalism’ in Social Justice Activism”. On the surface it is written about the activism of the extreme progressive left. The author offered that she would support abolishing prisons, police, and the American settler state. A leap of logic gave me insight into why people are moving to the extreme progressive right. Moderates ask why ‘sane people’ would embrace racism, xenophobic politics, and fascism in general. There are reasons, and the reasons lay outside of the rational. Building an exclusionary wall and eliminating prisons share an irrational source: the rational has been tried and it has failed.

Rational Chains

Sober reflection is the deadly balm
of the waking dead walking the earth.
I'll shape these words to express a truth
outside the structured meanings of caged thought.

These mirrors kept you from seeing me
the smoke selectively obscured my face.
No system will give you the tools
to dismantle the same from within.

F*ck the rational boxes of imprisonment
a game rigged by the house itself.
The odds decrease as time goes on
an outcome will side with those in charge.

Sanity will be removed from the stage,
the sheep rely on master’s comfort.
The judicious is the kangaroo court,
enforced by the keepers that reap.

The rational has not been the path
to correction of the many wrongs.
The practical are the chains offered
by the servants of power’s most high.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160330.