April 6th, 2016


Poem - Spock Has a Beard

I am terribly human and I struggle with doing the right thing at the appropriate time, or perhaps even years later. I could easily plunge into funk of despair, or I could write a bit of poetry. I’ll pick the latter, and by virtue of sharing my shame, nudge myself to do better.

Spock Has a Beard

Somewhere I do the right thing
in that dimension next to mine.
Spock has a beard and mustache too
where I meet my obligations due.

The will of God is observed
alternative paths are walked upon
the flaming bush is out of sight
the flames ahead are sulfur scent.

Neon signs light the way
not in the dark alleys I wander.
To blunder is the greatest chance
of proper progress in twilight.

Perhaps I am too much the critic
or not enough to know the truth
when half full far exceeds
my expectations of doing good.

You've listened to my tale of woe
of somebody behind the curve.
Perhaps the thought shared with you
will bring Spock whiskers in due time.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160406.