May 7th, 2016

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Balm of Drowse

I've noticed that my dreams are absent the dark sadness that grips my waking life. This is a welcome reprieve. If sleep had the same gloom I would be at a complete loss. I've also noticed that music / song is not as prevalent. Instead I have adventures with people, most of them I don't know. Is this what I strive for? Perhaps.

Balm of Drowse

I sleep beyond the veil of madness
dream in a world of happy balm
in a shadow devoid of the dark.

Hope is found in illusion's repose
beyond the desiring of cold steel
where rest is found resting arms.

The demon is absent there
in the place ethereal there is no power
for the being all consuming in waking life.

The saddest thing is your omission
where peace is found there are strangers
the price paid to dodge the reaper's gaze.

To sleep is to dream of a happier place
I'll embrace the desire to stay for a time
I'll retreat the to the realm of forty winks.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160507.