May 15th, 2016

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Edges of Words

I've set a goal for myself in social situations. The first is to fully participate in the social event. I dance if I'm at a dancing event. Note, on really bad days even this can be difficult. The second is to have a conversation with one or more people. I welcome them starting it, or I can try my hand. Either way I am committed to holding my ground while I connect to the other person in a way that is sharing and healthy. The poem “Edge of Words” considers the dynamics of communications through the lens of dancing.

Edge of Words

Dancing on the edge of words
sentences used as thin bridges
finding the only way between
two souls with lives to share.
Volunteers jump into the void
filled with the waiting silence
shuffling to the middle spot
where the voices seek to speak.

Turns taken to lead and follow
each with a talent inherent
based on the twists of life
there is so much to say.
Weight is shared as words flow
a give and take of consciousness
expressed in tension mutual
when separation is the easier way.

The missteps are quite natural
as feet will cross or place in mouth
this is the way when two first talk
sharing when silence is safer.
A perfect match is not the fate
with background differing in retrospect
to origins quite diverse
and paths forward only one will take.

The differences share the greatest wealth
in places where the new is revealed
breaking down the opaque walls
constructed by separation’s cloth.
Across the blunders faith is gained
to similarities within the variety
for the contrary is illusion's fare
in which the lost will find their souls.

The spin of confab's two-step spin
becomes it's own reward in the end
as worlds are crossed with bravery
and isolation releases its cruel hand.
No scoring is made in this social place
no Jack or Jill, no showcase presenting
the only winning comes out of the time
that Babel's hold is undo with words.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160515.