June 9th, 2016

Professor Chaos - Angry

Poem - Find Your Place

Donald Trump, the GOP presumptive presidential nominee, once again hit the news with his attacks on a sitting judge hearing a judicial case impacting Trump. He accused the judge of being influenced by his heritage, and thus unable to impartially determine the case. Many ripped into Trump. More continued to give him grudging support because he is their best (only) chance of taking the executive branch. All of this inspired me to write “Find Your Place”. It is written from the perspective of a person supporting Trump. The poem speaks to the power driven shallowness I am seeing played out.

Find Your Place

You ask me why I support the man
I say that there is more at hand
than what you see and what you fear
so sit on back and hear my tale.

This racist is the one we know
against the enemy of our caucus.
The stink of human weakness pales
when power of policy is near at hand.

To speak the words is not the same
as burning a cross on the lawn
or painting the symbol on the wall
when words are weapons he employs.

To speak in racist tones is bold
attention called to a tainted soul
the lesser seeking harsh revenge
on a higher mind you think racist.

I'd not defend if it were true
your slander set to our soldier
that fights for tribute in the end
of this brutal game with no conscience.

I'll tell you why attacks persist
I'd not be here if I did not believe
in truth and justice plundered for
dominance over such simple minds.

They fear the man for future tasks
they'll love him once all is done
your betters know the righteous way
so sit on back and find your place.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160609.