December 24th, 2016

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Beauty’s Song

I began writing “Beauty’s Song” with the line “words are the mirror’s face”. It turned into a poetic expression about building a song in honor of a singular beauty.

Beauty’s Song

Letters echo what nature brought
character born of nurture’s womb
honed by the tides of time
by kin and friends helpful hands
pottery by the perfect mold
broken once it conveyed
unique creation oh so fair
stated by the characters.

Words are the mirror’s face
silver to the gold embraced
by a beauty worth much more
than fair metals sparkling bright
flashing to blind the eye
yet dim when I compare
the lights to brilliance I see
when looking beyond the glass.

Lines combine in stunning foil
as they strive to convey a truth
all can see and few can match
belle imbued to walk the earth
amongst the mortals like myself
too simple in dull comparison
when the certainty is expressed
in verity from God’s own hand.

Stanzas long to match in kind
splendor’s child now in my life
elegance in form and speech
now so close yet out of reach
perhaps this is best for all involved
as such visions are far beyond
the reach of a lowly soul
who sees more than I may grasp.

These lyrics are my heart’s desire
to state what grace I now see
the heavens have brought you here
angel’s sing in sweet refrain
ballad sprung from characters
groupings made to words imbued
into lines strung to stanzas’ voice
singing from the beauty’s song.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161224.