February 26th, 2017

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Expectations

I watched a video about the non-inclusion of an umbrella group. The statement was made “expectations can kill” in the context that sending struggling people to a group that is unable to provide the support they seek. The lack of support was worse than the struggles faced in the greater world. These thoughts led me to write “Expectations”.


Expectations can sadly kill
believing safety is at hand
when the reverse is sadly found
in the arms meant to defend
the guard is lowered to the group
thought to not be like the rest
the pitchforks left outside the door
yet still are there in far corner.

When those in charge do not relate
even though the sign admits
inclusion is advertised
the expected smiles turn to frowns
decisions are made for the few
aligned by those who make the rules
who would blame them for this choice
when human nature follows course?

Jealousy comes from privilege
perceived good though it is bane
when both sides do attack
the too different are disliked
escape is sought and then not found
even when the umbrella states
that support will extend
to those seeking asylum’s bliss.

The answers come when questions press
the first is privilege’s mistaken place
to blend would seem to be the best
sadly this is not the way
as both sides seek to attack
the harried souls in the middle
seeking shelter here or there
not finding it in either place.

The frame of reference is the root
of these pains I’ve written
sexuality defines the base
of interactions with the world
foundations understood are held
those not known are pushed away
umbrellas with holes do little good
for those seeking dryness below.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170226.