March 14th, 2017

Sinfest - Bondage Ranger

Poem - Until the Embrace

Every week at swing dance I’m asked how my past week went. My answer is “better now that I’m here”. The poem “Until the Embrace” is about those periods between when we dance with others.

Until the Embrace

My passion is paused
withstanding delay
the hours tick by
by whim of the clock

by work's drudgery
the tasks are blurred
papers are shuffled
between the same stacks

food eaten by rote
thrill gone from my taste
both sweet and sour
hold the same impact

stale sleep holds no dreams
I'll deign to embrace
ghosts insubstantial
against the real thing

greetings extended
fall flat to my ears
the best of friends
like strangers again

forgive me reader
this puzzle I've put
a spinning a words
hints before bliss

motion's mystery
urging me forward
I've shared the void
that waits in between

I'll count the days
to the future dance
the salve of my soul
sanity restored

this passion paused
until the embrace
I'll bide my time
and then dance again.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170314.