March 17th, 2017

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Remove the Glamour

The poem “Remove the Glamour” was inspired by a meme that featured a picture of Harley Quinn. The words “I’m not Bipolar / I’m MultiPolar / That means I Cry & Laugh / While I beat The shit out / Of you” were crossed out and the message “Mental Illness is Not Cute / Mental Illness is not “Badass” / Mental Illness is not a Trend, Thanks” was put at the bottom of the pic. This struck a cord. I share a lot about my struggle with depression. I don’t do this to make it cool or gain notoriety. I believe that those who struggle, and have a voice, should speak with compassion and honesty. This is my goal.

Remove the Glamour

Remove the glamour
it has no place
when facing the odds
of life's travails
pride may remain
when survival is gained
another day lived
against the storm's teeth

don't squelch the speech
others should hear
that they're not alone
when life is at stake
speak with assurance
be plain in the gap
to tell the difference
between health and death

medication of the self
it’s a measure some may take
promoting these actions as a thrill
hurts far more than it cures
excuses are spoken inside
while wisdom seeks a way
it is one thing to fool ego
shame if one tempts the world

I bear witness to this advice
with struggles bared socially
the pain I pen is not to glam
it is instead of show my soul
so know this my harried friend
bravery is a honored badge
when glamour is replaced
by your truth hard to share.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170317.