March 21st, 2017

Shaman - Horse

Topics Turn

“Topics Turn” is an incredibly un-fun poem about things bothering me. Each topic could be a poem unto itself, but I’d have to slash my wrists after I finished them all.

Topics Turn

When the topics turn around my head
each one more toxic that the last
I wonder what I can bear to write

anger is borne from past events
though none are bad enough by themselves
worthy of my rage I hold to heart

hypocrites speak with the loudest voice
given a stage to present their case
too holy for the unwashed to disagree

we are all human with faults
yet some act if they are saints incarnate
while their robes are worn as black

I'd like to be the very worse
so others may run away from taint
leaving me alone to fade

when the lucky are the ones that go
beyond the veil of hurt and pain
I'm left to wish I were the same

the world doesn't know what it wants
to be the church in all things
or a battlefield where all will submit

the bottle calls with comfort promised
pills could do the same job
escape into a prison worse than this

I wish I could tell those who care
that I would rather not be here
damned, best gone and forgotten

these complaints I've spewed forth
bitter fruit of a life regretted
desiring change where none shall come.

© 2017, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170321.