July 30th, 2017

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Beyond the Herd

I share a lot in the online social world. The motivation comes from both childish humor and a burning desire for social change. It comes from celebration of joy and the deepest of despondency. The mixture appears to be quite mad, a broken agenda by a wounded heart. In the midst of this I’ve wanted to ask my friends how I REALLY come across. Am I the fool or the warrior? Am I a peacemaker or a firebrand? The answers to this question, and how I impact the world through my sharing, is only truly known by those beyond the herd.

Beyond the Herd

Curiosity begs advice
from those involved in my life
asking who I seem to be
in this shared reality

I’d prompt the diverse souls
those who stand with fierce resolve
in face of terrors that most dismiss
the testimony of waking dreams

between online and in the flesh
I present what I feel
though it may differ were we meet
I’m restrained by courtesy

there are masks that must be worn
to calm the nerves of a world
dogmatic in their restriction’s grip
not ready to meet the true me

if I ask, please share your mind
the resolution is killing me
seeing all and knowing none
lost in the maze of mirror’s haunts

I’d like to know if I’m mad
a danger to all mankind
or if I’m worthy to walk among
those with vision beyond the herd

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170730.