August 28th, 2017

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Arrows Taken

“Arrows Taken” is about the pursuit of justice for others. General themes of such warriors are promoting an agenda, tearing down dissension, and removing barriers. What separates myself from the denizens of the alt-right? Very little it would seem.

Arrows Taken

Arrows taken for the ones
kept safe behind the walls
wounds accepted for other men
sacrifice for a higher goal

they're not yet ready to be exposed
to unkind eyes with malice borne
ill intent and hateful hearts
this is how they will relate

I seem to have less to loose
this is untrue in my life
as consequence could destroy
fragile structures I hold dear

still I walk in the public sight
an example for all to see
the measure of my fervent cause
or a question of my sanity

the cause pulls on my soul
a minority against the whole
demanding equality
respect from authority

the arrows may fall to earth
humanity in all its flaws
still there is hope for them
to come out from the walls.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20170828.
Shaman - Horse

Blog - Mysterious Fascinating?

“Psychology question. Why is it that the mysterious is so fascinating? Just as an abstract concept. Humans wanting to explore new places and new things. Curiosity, mystery…why?”

The terrible secret is that the mysterious is not fascinating to most people. It is an abstract concept, the frightening plunge outside their lair. These secrets terrify them, pushing them back into pockets of comfortable familiarity. The exceptional humans are the ones that explore new places and new things. The actual mystery is that we’ve stepped outside the cave at all.