October 9th, 2017

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Three Words

“Three Words” is about a roadblock to communication that occurs when a person wants to talk about a topic. The topic is avoided because in the past the other party has stated not understanding about the condition that the communication would be about. Why? The communication is about a topic that isn’t open to debate or the originator “changing their mind”. It is more about sharing, and perhaps, a request for support. This is stopped when already a person has heard the words, “I don’t understand”. The most cruel aspect of this is that the inability to communicate can lead to other events, these guaranteeing the very sad statement, “I don’t understand”.

Three Words

There are three words that form the gap
four syllables that separate
one from another in this life
forbidding aid when doom calls

the first states the self exclaimed
outside myself, part of my life
raising stakes because they care
or they should in other times

the second is the harshest slap
not because it’s from malice
instead a statement of denial
ability to commit to a cause

a third is the most damned
it closes doors to moving forward
a denial of truth’s touch
with ignorance as the cause

now we’ve reached the summation
put together to mark the guilty
velvet glove tossed to earth
I’ve no response to challenge thrust

here’s the chant I’ve alluded
“I don’t understand” kills discourse
breach of trust when voids threaten
comprehending is the blockage.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171009.