October 15th, 2017

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Life’s Will-o-Wisp

I can’t deny that beauty infests my world. It is present in so many ways. The poem “Life’s Will-o-Wisp” is about aspects of this existence.

Life’s Will-o-Wisp

Beauty is life’s will-o-wisp
luring many to their doom
or distraction at the least
from the path of consequence
it has a purpose, that’s for sure
copulation to survive
as a race that still depends
on two to make the little babe
still the gods would advise
walk away from comeliness
once the goals have been birthed
because the rest will drive you mad.

Society feeds the half-lie
a never ending cavalcade
conveyor belt that’s always fed
with succulent that then decays
what came before was enough
only in the moment’s blush
then fading to be replaced
by fresh meat, union’s call
presented by the tycoons
wanting more than sanity
dollars piled in tall stacks
by libidos they have fanned.

The seduction is complete
I’ve walked into the dire swamp
where once I was far too young
blind to the paths that promised all
now I sense where I stand
it’s to late to reap rewards
though I doubt if I could
back in the day, the past years
even then the beauty stirred
just as now, my present life
in the marsh beyond the course
destruction lures a mortal soul.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171015.