November 19th, 2017

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Blog - A Caring Man

A caring man, former principal of my high school, and patriot of my country, asked: “are there different rules of evidence when dealing with sexual accusations?”. This question came in reference to a satirically led discussion about the recognition that past sexual violations may now bear their karmic fruit.

On the surface, this is a valid question. What rules of evidence exist for a person accused of a crime? If I steal a bike, did somebody see me steal the bike? Is it in my custody? If it was found elsewhere, are my fingerprints on it when they should not be? This all seems very reasonable, until you apply the same cold logic to destroyed lives, manifesting from actions decades ago. If there were two people involved in a sexual assault, and evidence was not collected at that time, did a crime not take place? Are the years of pain, stunted development, and even documentable therapy, voided because of a lack of hard evidence? It’s a problem.

Back to the caring man. He was the head principal of a high school. If there was a sexual assault there, and it turned into a he-said, she-said situation, with no hard evidence, did he turn away and state that he could do nothing for his charges? I sincerely hope not. I would expect that some action was taken short of legal arrest. That’s what is going on now in the realms of entertainment and politics. It hurts a lot when a politically powerful person is taken down, but how much would it hurt if the top football players was dismissed from sports activities, or even terminated from the school, if years’ old accusations surfaced of them sexually assaulting other students? What’s the difference? Power and politics perhaps.
Shaman - Horse

Poem - Victims Too Lovely

A Tumblr post with the words “Everything Has Beauty, a friend’s post heartfelt post about past sexual assault, and the continuing developments in the political and entertainment realms, inspired me to write “Victims Too Lovely.

Victims Too Lovely

Everything has beauty
somewhere beneath the pain
scabs piled on top of each
destruction denied by most

evoked by careless monsters
not caring what they’ve betrayed
when appetites are satisfied
the refuse is cast aside

if only this were the case
when lives must continue on
sadly ripped by the thoughtless teeth
seeking more than what is theirs

allow me to change my tune
thoughtless is too kind a word
when calculating is more correct
from place of power manifest

permission given or just taken
rational for what’s been done
excesses forgiven by the group
or just abused by the one

reducing beauty to a shell
or burying it deep in the wound
abandoned to seek another
victims too lovely to carry on.

© 2017. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20171119.