January 15th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Everyone Knows

“Everyone Knows” was inspired by the certitude of pundits. I tried to share that a diverse world accommodates a multitude of sincerely held beliefs. They may conflict, but that is explained by the difference of life experiences. One size does not fit all.

Everyone Knows

‘Everyone knows’ is the lie
Satan’s words echoed forth
from the mouths of loud pundits
and the dogma put down in books
surety is the dead end
when applied to all of man
in this realm the trap is set
for the souls who will not grow.

Ignorance is the sole boon
of the wise man seeking truth
in this gap they will find
the path beyond a lack of love
disabused of certitude
still they grasp more than most
there are those who revel in
a single point in span of faith.

They’ll believe the cruelest lies
issuing forth from their mouths
assurance given to the flock
seeking footing for beliefs
stamped in stone, this is assured
even as the sand crumbles
the finest dust becomes the page
sporting words that blow away.

You could ask me how I know this
beliefs that seem to appear
the same as what I condemn
this is my answer in retrospect
I’ve seen a world of that exists
more diverse than most could know
with purity of sureness held
distributed to God’s children.

The surest measure of their gift
is belief in themselves
without the need to harm the world
especially when thoughts diverge
‘everyone knows’ is only true
if it’s applied to heal world
holding each to find their way
in erudite enlightenment.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180115.