January 19th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Millennium Receiving

“Millennium Receiving” was inspired by a series of quotes attributed to Brandon Sanderson. He spoke of the challenge of repetition in the human experience.

Millennium Receiving

It's been done a thousand times
more than that, though I lose count
all the struggles now embraced
have crossed the lives of my kin
repetition is ensured
good and bad in their due time
all the past is fodder for
my untold futures to explore.

They survived and even thrived
the harsh times of their lives
though I wonder if I can
do the same on paths I walk
my strength is now frailty
where giants walked to find their way
pushing down the mountains put
as the barriers to their work.

I'll speak to glamor of success
achievements made by past elders
into this realm I try my best
the faintest shadow on this background
then I'm humbled by my peers
producing works that gift the world
with a dazzle that fills the sky
eclipsing all that I could spark.

Whether I strive or I create
by what metric am I measured?
what came before will always be
sufficient for humanity
in response I'll mark my time
whisper softly into the void
struggle against the binds of life
millennium receiving my offerings.

2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180119.