January 26th, 2018

Professor Chaos - Evil

Poem - Soul’s Resolve

One thing I adore about social dancing is how it brings disparate groups together. Age, race, and creed are mixed in an effort that defies potential conflicts. This is not how much of the world works. “Soul’s Resolve” is about the struggles of people getting along with each other.

Soul’s Resolve

Look to the purpose of your life
from the hate or the love
there is a choice to be made
the reason to wake each day
when the balm of sleep arrives
life is reset for a time
only to revisit once again
the vexes that haunt everyone

differences are made all too plain
between yourself and the world
in greater number than most could count
this abuses passion’s stance
the status quo seeks to resist
deviations from a baseline
the norm is sought in each box
look to see there’s more than one

here’s the joke in God’s eye
why she laughs your choice
or is it he, or group of they
the pantheons defy small mankind
destiny in these hands
asks dispute in followers’ stead
variation could be the spice
or deadly poison for all involved

back to purpose of your life
outside of norms and dogma’s angst
hate or love in settlement
where the flag will be set
such resolve is waking’s challenge
from realm of sleep to consciousness
the choice to live is your own
which way to turn is soul’s resolve

2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180126.