February 19th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - I Could Whisper

“I Could Whisper” was motivated by events surrounding my sharing about mental illness. People either changed the subject to something they related to, or they completely ignored what I was saying because the topic was uncomfortable(?). This happened both online and in person. It leaves the sharer knowing there is NOBODY out there. One might as well whisper.

I Could Whisper

I could whisper dire warnings
or scream to have the deaf hear
the result is same both ways
for the knowing and the numb
both show compassion for my plight
each struggles in their own way
to react with helpfulness
stop my hand from harmful end

ignorance is the best haven
of those who walk in lily fields
with a bliss of newborn babes
there is no blame for lucky ones
for in their hearts they can't relate
or understand the painful place
to speak to them will do no good
these caring allies with few tools

this contrasts with fellow kin
who exist in shades of pain
seeking exit that can't be found
except by ways that all condemn
they relate with torn flesh
attempts to end the torment felt
this gives no pill that cures the soul
instead reminder of lost hope

in the end I feel alone
standing next to idles hands
filled with camps that stand outside
my pool of shame with one desire
the clueless gawk at my wounds
while knowing look to see their own
the sum is nothing for this one
with screams and whispers for the world.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180219.