March 4th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - In Release

I came across a Tumblr meme that exhorted the domination / submission side of BDSM. Spoken from a dominate aspect, the meme said something like “your body is my playground”. This does NOT sit well with me. It’s also not the whole story. I’ll explain! Even though there are aspects of BDSM that I would embrace, total submission, all the time, no holds barred, is not one of them. Why? I think it has to do with control. I have as much dislike for religions that have an iron grip on there adherents. Free thinking is impossible as all aspects of life are dictated. How many people truly embrace this? I suspect it is a tiny minority of all believers on that general path. The good news is that BDSM is similar. The healthy dominate / submissive relationship does not align with the meme at all times and in all situations. The meme describes a scene of BDSM. Does this mean that all controlling, I mean guiding, religion is also a scene? Perhaps.

In Release

There is appeal in release
responsibility put aside
as if the soul can’t accept
obligation to do things right
there is a method here at hand
madness grasped to ease the flock
surety from mouths of men
sad decrees that chain the mind.

With the work already done
bless dogma put down to the page
all that’s left is to adhere
to the edicts inscribed there
the monsters will the words
those best intentions of past age
focus on the parts they like
put aside contrary thoughts.

Into this hell the faithful walk
asking only what to do
no matter how the inner voice
screams shrill caution to be heard
still the warmth from the flames
consumes the souls as they bask
in the rightness they’ve been told
as greater truth is renounced.

There is a day when gaps are shown
in the armor made of faith
that larger realm of the world
outside control of masters’ chains
comfort lost is wisdom gained
revelation of the larger game
with no walls that block the view
what’s left is more than most can take.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180304.