March 10th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Shaking Past

A FB friend asked what possible intentions the Russians had for meddling in United States electoral affairs. One of their friends responded with statements about politicians no longer in power. This occurred multiple times as I kept asking about the Russian motivations. My friend said, ‘they have (past politician) madness disorder. They are incapable of talking about anything else”. My poem “Shaking Past” was inspired by this interchange.

Shaking Past

Madness lies on that path
outside the realms of the box
where ignorance falls to the facts
I’ll not suffer from this fate

words are held to defend
collection kept in a bag
selected when I’m attacked
comfort found in talismans

‘what of this thing in the past’
is my favorite I’ll trot out
once this was fresh and bright
now it’s tattered from overuse

‘this other person is more bad’
if only they still mattered
in the present they’ve dissapeared
no consequence as I retreat

‘squirrel squirrel squirrel’
look to dank past I embrace
all I have to save my soul
diatribe of mustiness

it matters not that people laugh
in sad pity of my state
I’ll disregard they whispered words
when my own are talisman

staleness marks my repertoire
it matters not when doors are barred
madness waits if I relent
from shaking past in future’s face.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180310.