March 23rd, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Politics Run By Man

“Politics Run By Man” is a long poem about the nature of evil. The poem examinations the Christian framework of Evil, Original Sin, Satan, and God.

Politics Run By Man

They asked me if the sun would rise
claw its way into the sky
when the chains of suffering
embrace mankind below its face
I replied that it would be
our star will shine again
and yet the evil that's transpired
is not the fault of solar signs.

Mankind seeks to rule the world
holding sway to crack the whip
by their choice some good flows
joining evil that swamps the world
there are agents heaped with blame
living far in divine realms
blame is shifted to their heads
explaining ruin caused by men.

First the sin is brought to bear
original in its latitude
forever marking mankind’s' souls
fallen agents from the fold
only angels are still pure
and the ruler above them all
wretchedness is our lot
by a lone female and serpent's tongue.

Consider the snake in dogma's lore
that foul liar with promises
of granting power over men
kingdom's glory to be had
Daniel says this is not true
Lucifer lied to the Lord
the lowest villains are not helped
by the Devil's stories spun.

Authority belongs to God
ruling over all kingdoms
from this one power springs
from their hand evil spreads
allowing actions high and low
the most foul are not stopped
don't blame dear Satan for our lot
the Most High has the last shot.

Back to sin, that horrid pit
permission granted to cruelly drown
by this grace of we will struggle
fallen lives full of shame
the most strong will prevail
by the gun or much worse
politics run by man
corrupt kingdoms will rise again.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180323.