April 10th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - A Unicorn

March 9th of 2018 was National Unicorn Day. The mythical animal has many meanings. One meaning is a bisexual woman who’s open to a threesome with a heterosexual couple (or, to be precise, a couple that includes a straight man and a bisexual woman). The poem “A Unicorn” is about the dark truth and improbable nature of this arrangement.

A Unicorn

A Unicorn in the flesh
the play thing for two them
I could dazzle in their eyes
provoking lust in couple’s loins
sparkling bright in rarity
a single horn from myth’s page
meat from market to the bed
this fairy tale with a sad end.

A fairer sex of younger years
enticing blush in both of them
I’d be the whisper in the breeze
only seen in fevered dreams
arriving on the southern wind
catch me now lest I flee
simulation of burning thirst
wishes spinning yearning’s breath.

Look to the man as counterpoint
vanilla flavored with base urge
to stray outside but not too far
lest he bend like his mate
she is the purer of the two
close to heart when drama’s spent
orientation that I embrace
more than thirst or fetish meat.

No emotions would intrude
delusion brought to the bed
I’d fade away as counterfeit
the morning brings status quo
to be a gift is sorrow’s path
no longer human in their eyes
tears left to dreams they don’t see
just a theme of fantasy.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180410.