April 14th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Breathing Misdeeds

“Breathing Misdeeds” is about the true source of Original Sin: kitten huffing. For the record, I’m not OK with the only using the word “kitten”. Grown cats are good for huffing also. With that said, the flow of the poem worked better with “kitten”. Poets do have to make compromises for their art.

Breathing Misdeeds

Just say no to kitten huffing
euphoric hit that ruins lives
it's a path that led to doom
addiction to rice pudding
resist the urge for plush fur
seeking fragrance locked within
it's source of all sin
that covenant broken in past times.

The holy books has it wrong
an apple was not the fatal charm
instead a feline was the lure
for sin to enter mankind's heart
the lying serpent spun his lie
furry kitten held in hand
'it's not right for the boss
to keep nirvana for himself'.

The temptation lay in fur
for the fragrance trapped within
dulcet notes that were forbid
became the knowledge not meant for man
the rest is history to our chagrin
an end to goodness all bemoan
even as the addicts claim
they find God by breathing deep.

Never mind the hairballs coughed
or the new fear of any dogs
the transgression that's damned us all
is still pursued by high and low
in plush enclaves of the rich
or dank hovels behind closed doors
Lucifer laughs as the trapped
breathing misdeeds into life.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180414.