May 12th, 2018

Professor Chaos - Evil

Poem - Spark

I wrote “Spark” while at a music festival. The poem is about the dynamic between honoring individuality, joining with like minds, and fighting persecution.


If I could stand as a spark
scant example to like minds
this existing becomes too small
to have some meaning beyond this shell
my slight ember is too weak
to purge the darkness of dire ills
dispassion banished from this plane
is fever dream of dogma's slaves

a mere breeze would be enough
to snuff the vibrance from my life
even as I find my way
shining brighter and still fragile
contrary views are manifest
combining raging tempest winds
with inferno’s appetite
claiming all who choose to fight

against the scourge of normative
intolerant asking for the right
to crush their fears by any means
resulting gloom is victory
half a bubble, if not more
my defiance from the mark
a small candle in these words
inviting other to share their light

the combined will not be squelched
no matter what their urgent wish
tyrants rage when they’re denied
when the stage is shared by all
clustering sparks against our doom
illuminate what many share
celebrate with blinding fire
whose who stand at my side.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180512.