May 14th, 2018

rural house

Poem - Damning Sins

The poem “Damning Sins” is about the art and purpose of performed spoken word.

Damning Sins

I’m now driven to have a voice
turned to share with Kings and serfs
with the former in charge of change
ruling latter by force of will
while the common may share my pain
bent to meet their master’s fears
it’s to the Lords that I’ll submit
rhyming tomes of spoken verse

at first I put the words to page
quatrained statements in the wind
stating truth that few did read
when given choice to turn away
even when the ink was blood
sourced from wounds I sought to tell
these relics from a bygone age
were as feathers in gusting rain

a voice broke out into the void
first a whisper and then a roar
demanding hue from all around
especially those behind their walls
the verbal hammer molded iron
crafting tools that shattered realms
where the Nobles sat above
these unwilling are dragged to court

my pointed tongue condemns their lot
as truth is told through God’s true face
by their mouth the veil is ripped
tumbling Kings to their fates
this high claim may be too much
wishful boasting from a sad bard
still I’ll state the minds of serfs
while damning sins the Kings commit.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180514.