May 19th, 2018

Cat - Bunny Love

Poem - Proximity

A delightful dream inspired me to write the poem “Proximity”. The world surrounds me with walls relative to base human intimacy. I celebrate when these are toppled, if only for a moment.


Proximity becomes the balm
welcomed shelter from the storm
when two people drop the walls
finding peace in their arms

when the space has given way
walls no longer separate
between the souls needing more
than the speech from vapid tongues

it’s more than body parts
slotting A to match B
fireworks in a moment’s bliss
then comes darkness afterwards

instead the fruit is more sweet
confirmation that we exist
this is forgotten even when
intimacy is only sex

in each moment of embrace
another waits beyond time’s veil
the supply that buoys lives
treasures found none can deny

the nearness fills my life with love
affirming I should stay above
when two people drop the walls
each finds comfort above all else.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180519.