May 24th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - While I Step Away

The poem “While I Step Away” is about my feelings regarding the negative backlash to the #metoo movement.

While I Step Away

Forgive me while I step away
from the clan that betrays
respect for others despite the cost
to a world they spit upon

the promise was lost when low fought back
against the shadows that held the world
with cold chains that served one group
while keeping rest in servitude

the brass ring could not be found
legacy of the elders lost
when revolt aroused the meek
finding strength to have revenge

then the howl is heard below
the highest towers brought so low
ground is leveled to detriment
of those who fell to earth

once their passion was to reign
lust denied is anger’s rage
monsters rise to assert
expired claims to manhood

forgive me while I step away
from the gender that can’t adapt
to allowance for their state
in the world that has fought back.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180524.