June 12th, 2018

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Poem - Sole Survivor

The poem “Sole Survivor” started out as a single quatrain that I struggled to expand upon. I then was struck with the idea of an empty future, the result of an apocalyptic war between dreams and fears.

Sole Survivor

There the future stood alone
sole survivor of the war
absent companions now deceased
not forgotten though they’re gone
the conflicts have no prisoners
only a victor with mortal wounds
residing above the battlefield
too tired to stir from living tombs

between the fears of the past
juggernauts without peer
battling ghosts of dream’s empire
the gilded soldiers of imagery
those dominions were the jewels
hills and dales with beauty's brush
imagination spilled upon the world
by the virtue of romantic fools

it’s not for love they persevere
instead the cause looks to the stars
beyond the shells that strain to live
the quest is for reverie
a yearning of what could be
whispered to the wind to hear
while the storm mutes their voice
a rival born from shadow’s curse

from the well deep within
spinning lies that tear the truth
fragments torn from the light
buried in the dark abyss
resurrected into dread
terror twisted to dismay
apprehension is enough
to defy ambition’s goals

in the end the forces met
gave no quarter in response
strengths applied to weak points
seeking conquest no matter what
extermination became the path
leaving none to stand aside
the lone figure left behind
a future numb to nothing else.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180612.
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