June 14th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - I'll Step Away

The poem “I’ll Step Away” is about what NOT to do when life is too much. I do struggle with these.

I'll Step Away

I asked the gods how I could pass
remove myself from life's path
step away at long last
to find a peace beyond the pain
they replied with sage advice
though the tone had my voice
still I looked to their words
seeking knowledge for a cure

"first step away from the rest
become the speck that no one sees
by the lack of showing up
fade away like the fog
the pain you hold is your own
nobody cares in their joy
happiness spreads across the land
hold the anguish deep inside"

"in the second become the heel
disregarded where once you shined
for in that praise the focus holds
like the anchor on the shoals
disappoint with small drops
dissuade the care others have
for your efforts then maligned
eroded by noxious acts"

these somber gods had their say
planning how I could withdraw
their dulcet words found fertile soil
with the promise I so longed
once I'm gone none shall cry
when I'm wiped from memory
or cursed for what I reaped
the sole response is a shake of head

a broken specter of past promise
no longer seen in the light
put out of mind lest I taint
records acclaiming purity
this end result becomes the goal
the strategy now set in place
I'll step away by stealth and stain
to find the peace I desire.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180614.