July 15th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Crimson Floods

The poem “Crimson Floods” was written in a shorter time than most of my works. I suspect the reason is that I am vehemently disappointed in the human side of religion. Entire segments of the society are condemned only because they don’t believe in specific dogma. The ability to have morality is only attributed to select group. At the same time, individual from that group can be guilty of the darkest crimes against others, even as the same individuals are assumed to be released from all karmic responsibility because of they professed beliefs. This becomes a game of rationalization in the eternal battle of “us vs. them”. This war will never cease, but it sickens me to see spirituality, a required aspect of all lives, weaponized for partisan purposes.

Crimson Floods

This plan evoked by demons’ prayers
assumed the worst of fellow men
condemned them by the stroke
of the dogma within a book
attributing falls before they occurred
explained as fate that must befall
with no recourse to a grace allowed
for the fallen ones with principle
these are condemned by ministry
cast aside as the defiled
while the tenets provide a path
for the flock to pardon’s glow

the magic wand would be waved
absolution for bloodied hands
a lifetime dismissed with a wink
patter forgiving what came before
they say the taint has been removed
still the stains hue the skin
while the victims are set loose
assured that Nick is at fault
this discharge is the start
as the imps rejoice with glee
now all acts are permissible
when holy talismans are held high

a gulf is fed from belief
permission given for crimson floods
damning the others to a worst fate
than imagined fires beyond the grave
the pit would be a relief
compared to torment then released
in the name of cult’s desires
to cleave the world with their love
in the end the demons laugh
their joke has run its full course
the innate good has become the bad
while the fiends may rule the world.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180715.