July 25th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Death’s Maul

The poem “Death’s Maul” was inspired by a friend’s experience online experience. They bravely posted that they were suffering from loneliness and depression. A commentator stated something like, “I guess that means your significant other is failing you”. My friend called out this fallacy. The person suffering from mental illness can have MANY loving people around them. The disease does not care. While loving people, be they mates, friends, or family, make a difference, the corrosion of mental illness may not show a dramatic response.

Death’s Maul

When the blame is tossed around
look upon the monsters far behind
thought to be absent from today
yet still present at elbow's end
battling the ones that care
with a need to see the best
for the sufferer out of reach
victim to a trio with toxic touch

the loneliness in the crowd
surrounded by the adoring throngs
still the absent lingers
even with loved ones nearby
separation of the spiritual
from proximity of fellow kin
cares little for comfort's hand
when the darkness is company

self-worth defies the pit's descent
plumbing for the inky depths
while exalt is heard above
heaped upon the one that falls
they won't catch the plunging one
and even if they get a hold
the weight of doubt is too much
for the lift of others praise

depression is the bad enough
then add the cue of suicide
the demon will rule the day
as spectators cry out loud
wanting life to hold on
resist the urge to move along
this sad tug of war for the soul
that cannot hark caring terms

you've heard my words on the foes
how the doting may be futile
to halt those who pull away
lured to fates beyond the fade
because the monsters are to blame
not caretakers near at hand
so have mercy on their struggles
pulling life from death’s maul.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180725.