July 27th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Purge the Horror

The poem “Purge the Horror” is about the killing of non-normative people. The life-ending encounters are actualized by everyday people, not hardened criminals, responding to differences in religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or gender identity. The “why” of these crimes is submerged in societal intolerance, prejudice, fear, and the inability to connect with the deceased as a fellow human being. Am I talking about past killings, those lost in decades past? No. LGBTQ people can face life-threatening situations on a too regular basis. The use of a public bathroom becomes a situation in which injury or death may be the outcome. People with non-straight sexual orientations put their lives at risk when public displays of affection are presented, these same displays that straight couples may perform in complete safety. The causes of the violence are buried deep in the psyche of society. My poem is about that monster. Similar horrors are visited on other groups like POC and women. This poem is also dedicated to them.

Purge the Horror

I was murdered for the crimes
not found on pages of the Law
instead the faults are understood
in society's secret soul
declarations are always there
enshrined in hearts for all to see
even as their eyes are blind
to prejudice that they abide

frowns accompany the baleful stares
imagined crimes where none exist
spun from clothe of inner fears
imagined fully and then expressed
this toxic soup of prejudice
systematic at its worse
is conveyed by single stroke
the masses crowd behind the lone

unaware of their bias
blind to bigotry yelling curses
those measured words were weaponized
as abhorrence became the bond
when the normative masks all hate
behind flawed judgment thought correct
the worst of man is brought forth
while Satan cheers from far below

I admitted to foreign status
not conforming to tribe's standards
when my self-hood became the chasm
while only asking normal measures
sadly this was denied
as the rules were bent to bother
the aberrant among the holy
executed to purge the Horror.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180727.