July 30th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Deaf and Dumb

The poem “Deaf and Dumb” was inspired by a social media posting. I shared that “My world is shrinking again. This is never a good sign.” This garnered a compassionate response that I had not seen before, even in comparison to talking about taking a one-way trip into traffic. Not to put a damper on the kind thoughts, the poem considers the full breadth of my musings about space.

Deaf and Dumb

When the space no longer holds
any source of joyful balm
by the virtue of parley
or the spread of beauty’s hand
one or the other may dispense
the sorrow felt on most days
if only this were the truth
when the margins become despair

sounds recede as if on cue
pulling back to other fools
that have need of the voice
to command the waking joke
so many plans to talk about
important matters made of ash
waiting for the winds of time
to disrupt babble’s tongue

the colors fade bright to gray
the sliding spectrum denying bliss
tumbling towards nothing more
than the pit consuming all
no light escapes depression’s place
reducing life to shadowy plains
no longer are the living seen
when dead are viewed with jealousy

now deaf and dumb without recourse
this void denies what most have
even though I seem to stand
in the presence of other men
there I’ll exist for a time
until the margins take my life
claiming what beauty owned
before the space no longer held.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180730.