August 11th, 2018

Shaman - Horse

Poem - Many Words

The poem “Many Words” is about the challenge and power of the writer, be they a poet or novelist. Inspiration may come from self-centered thoughts vacillating between joy and despair. This echo chamber is put to words that are read by others. This sharing results in a combination of condemnation and replied relating. The former is discarded. The latter shares a thought, resulting in the writer feeling less alone.

Many Words

I am a prisoner of many words
these chains imagined by the muse
when I submit to sadist’s prompt
write another before the dawn
this how of how I face the world
weaponized to cast sly doubt
on my place amongst the tribe
a lone suspect of many crimes

deprecation is the gift
of those who whisper soul’s dark depths
exclaiming truths lost to most
with the tools of the bard
all these labels near at hand
I’ll accept them to explain
where I’ve been before the now
intentions stated for clarity

the greatest challenge is in the now
to justify who I am
putting blame where it may land
knowing much is on my head
as consequence the world my frown
wince at the reasons of my mind
the majority will extol
explications I must ignore

a few like souls will relate
the bravest seeing mirrored states
matches made across the years
still congruence helps to heal
they may share the same words
or the proof is in a nod
now the captive is set free
no longer separate as I scrawl.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180811.