August 31st, 2018

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Poem - They Don't Believe

The poem "They Don't Believe" was inspired by a person's statement that one of the LGBQTIA identities was not real because it couldn't be tested. This hit me hard. Intellectually I understand that they may have been coming from a "scientific" perspective. There was no malice implied in their inability to relate to the specific letter of the acronym. This, however, rang hollow as the other letters don't require the same level of rigorous proofing. Legitimately being bisexual does not require signed affidavits, peer-reviewed studies, doctor's findings, and video evidence. With that said, some aspects of the alphabet soup are easier for the larger public to understand than others.

They Don't Believe

The person says they don't believe
when the view is alien
without the proof to testify
to a bent their mind denies
the sure bet is clearly laid
an accident of consequence
if not in name, than by intent
without a reference to mend the rift

the definitions do not match
stating lies across the gulf
stating nonsense at the start
without an inch to walk the mile
to degrade the other side
empowers egos to deny
some small measure that combines
one to the other against the tide

when black and white become a gray
disagreement is soon displayed
battle lines are drawn in words
exempting knowledge as a tool
weaponized at all costs
the only path to winning all
even as a mortal soul
is destroyed by the resolve

disregard is the proclaim
abominations are disgraced
put aside as broken tools
for explanations that confuse
no proof is possible to explain
wickedness beyond the pale
of understanding in the mind
closed to spanning the divide.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180831.
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