September 23rd, 2018

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Poem - Beauty Framed

The poem “Beauty Framed” was written to mark Bi Visibility Day.  One of the misconceptions about a person having a bisexual orientation is that they change based on the gender of their current partner. The bisexual is said to “go straight” or “go gay” depending on their partner’s gender being the apparent opposite or same. Additionally, the “honesty” of the bisexual’s orientation is based on the perceived amount of time with partners of various genders. These elements contribute to erasure or purposeful invisibility of the self-realized status of bisexuality person. Bisexuals do exist. They remain bisexuals no matter their relationships. The plea of the bisexual individual is not for the world to approve of their orientation. This is impossible given the wide range of beliefs based on religion or some other uncompromising belief system. Instead, the bisexual asks for their identity to be acknowledged for its inherent existence.

Beauty Framed

Attraction speaks from the heart
sharing space with staid lust
always there even when
partners picked seem the norm

straight and gay define the poles
statements made to impose
rigid rules made by those
with no reference to the more

assumptions made are based on mates
from the duo of allure
disregarding the urgent pleas
from the one that knows themselves

boxes formed to stuff the ones
defying rules of east and west
what lays between still exists
even while some disagree

how you feel is enough
when attraction is the prompt
knowing is met with trust
not changed by links’ counts

beauty framed in many forms
this is true no matter who
is the partner for one day
or the decades that transpire.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180923.